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As a Realtor for 13 years, working with hundreds of buyers and sellers, my philosophy can be summed up with just two words……

Clients First

I know that may sound a little cheesy but that’s really how I feel.  Instead of chasing sales, I truly want my clients to have the best real estate experience from the first initial contact through closing.  Value is key.  My goal is to keep my clients involved and educated so they are able to make a more informed decision.

Also, I don’t believe in being pushy.  I wouldn’t want someone to strong arm me so I carry that into my own business.  If you are ready to purchase today or you need to wait a couple of years, I want to guide my clients through the process of buying or selling a home.

It’s important to me to gain your trust while developing a strong business relationship through communication and perseverance.  

Communication, responsiveness, and education provides for a pleasant real estate experience.

Please contact me if you want to purchase or sell a home in Fairhope.  Let’s talk about your needs then hit the ground running!

Jeff Nelson
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